STELLAR TM 20165 - MN Cranes
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Truck-mounted OTR tire manipulator —the largest of its kind in the world!Go Back


Features and benefits of TM20165: 
Feature:  20,000 lb. (9090 kg) tire manipulator capacity
Benefit: Allows an operator to easily handle 59/80R63 tire and rim combinations that weigh up to 18,500 lbs.  Operators can change both inside and outside duals without repositioning the truck.

Feature:  Manipulator clamping span of 44” to 165”
Benefit: Offers the ability to handle OTR tires from small to large size (59/80R63). The clamp is also capable of handling almost all other tire components.

Feature:  Continuous manipulator pad rotation with 315 degree body rotation
Benefit: Gives the greatest degree of maneuverability to install mounted tires on hub assemblies and align studs with wheel holes.

Feature:  Fully proportional radio remote control with operator feedback
Benefit: The operator experiences smooth, precise operation and also receives percentage notification of overall capacity

Feature:  Quad stabilizer package
Benefit: Offers ultimate stability when lifting the industry’s largest mounted OTR tire.

Feature:  Low profile and hydraulically extendable fold over rear stabilizer
Benefit: With only 12.5” in height, the TM20165 rear stabilizers offer operators the greatest amount of room when working to the side of the truck.